Cynthia Moffatt, CPCC, ACC

Leadership Coach

With over 20 years’ experience across Canada and the U.S., and within a range of industry sectors and corporate structures, Cynthia has developed a unique perspective and solid approach in her work.  She believes the success and sustainability of a business is directly related to the effectiveness of its leaders; therefore her interest and expertise lies in working with both senior and aspiring leaders as confidant and coach, helping them to balance achievement and relationship competencies.

As a highly intuitive, strategic thinker and centered communicator, her ability to deeply connect and create powerful partnerships has her recognized as a natural leader in service to others.  Using the methodology of “co-activity”, Cynthia partners with her clients to help identify and leverage their unique leadership style paving the way for contribution that is vital to the development of their organization, people and business.

Business Experience

  • Current Director and Past President, International Coach Federation / Edmonton
  • Leadership Coach, The Canadian Center for Leadership & Human Values contributing to the facilitation of its highly successful multi-year Leadership Discovery Experience®.
  • Former Special Forces Board Specialist, Alberta Pensions Services Corporation, responsible for carrying out strategic and operational tasks required for effective Board functioning.
  • Former Senior Director, Corporate Services for multi-enterprise construction services firm, spearheading a focus on organizational and leadership development, strategic planning, leading and managing change efforts, and improving operational efficiency.
  • Former Director, Corporate Affairs & Communications responsible for creating and communicating corporate vision and coaching individual performance and contribution toward support and alignment to company vision and objectives.

Professional Expertise and Services

Select Engagements:

  • CEO: assessed and coached on personal leadership style, awareness of personal impact, improving credibility, effectively leading change, developing corporate citizenship strategy and a strong communication strategy.
  • President: supported newly appointed President’s understanding of leadership role, building credibility/image, managing/developing new staff, creating relationship strategies for “inner circle”, infusing corporate culture into regional operations.
  • COO and CFO: consulted on effectively communicating operational expectations, role clarity and managing influence with direct reports, coached on conflict resolution and personal impact.
  • Business Unit Leaders: delivered and coached from team assessments, introduced concept of leading from center of organization, aligning team and individual goals to corporate objectives and delivery of “manager as coach” training.
  • CEO/EA Partnerships: delivered and debriefed individual assessments to help foster a partnership understanding and unity between executive and assistant, consulting on how to lead collaboratively from the top.


  • CPCC Credential, The Coaches Training Institute, 2007
  • ACC Credential, International Coach Federation, 2008
  • Certified to deliver Leadership Circle Profile™ and Leadership Culture Survey™ as tools toward effective executive leadership and organizational culture.
  • Practitioner of both Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and Kolbe Index™ Profiles.