Domenic Gallace, CMA, CPC

CEO / Managing Partner

Domenic is CEO & Managing Partner of Pathfind, primarily responsible for brand development and leading the Recruitment service offering for clients and candidates. He enjoys being a conduit for his clients to his staff and consultants in providing exceptional service, handing the ball off with trust. He is also heavily involved in Career Partners International (CPI), recently being the Chair of CPI Canada.

Domenic takes immense pride in listening to Pathfind’s clients and driving a solution that is effective, appropriate and price competitive. He has often guided his staff and colleagues through situations by simply saying “do the right thing”, and this continues to drive him and the company in its way of providing services to its clients, candidates, and transition participants. He is driven by providing a “path forward” to all those who are introduced to Pathfind, helping humans take it over the end zone line with whatever they are needing.

Domenic loves to lead and drive his entrepreneurial spirit, but even more importantly is a dedicated and devoted dad and husband. He also enjoys spending his time following his beloved Oilers, Manchester United and Juventus soccer clubs, and being disappointed season after season watching his Cowboys and Dolphins of the NFL!

Domenic holds a Diploma in Business Administration – Major in Accounting from NAIT, supplemented with a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation and a CPC (Certified Personnel Consultant). He is also certified in the Momentum methodology for Career Transition.