Dorothy Lowrie, BAdmin, PMP, MAdEd

Career Consultant

As a Retirement Coach for Pathfind, Dorothy specializes in supporting individuals in their journey along the path of recognition and planning for a joyful retirement.

Dorothy’s passion is to empower, engage and enable individuals as they face the life transition event called “retirement”. Dorothy believes that any life transition, whether we chose it ourselves or it is “forced” upon us, presents us the opportunity for significant personal growth and renewal. She is thrilled to partner with Pathfind in the area of retirement coaching.

Dorothy’s diverse business background in administration, sales and project management in the high tech industry enables her to understand the value of the expertise that individuals acquire during their career.  When an individual is presented with a life event involving a change to their career, they have a need to develop a new identity, one that may or may not be based on their previous expertise. Dorothy provides coaching and courses to help individuals develop a new life mission through a process of exploration and reflection. Dorothy’s goal is to guide individuals through the development and execution of an exciting and effective life transition project plan.

Business Experience

Prior to embarking on her own life transition project plan, Dorothy spent 33 years working for a leading high tech company.  She held a variety of roles in the areas of management, sales and consulting. In all her positions, Dorothy has found opportunities to learn, to teach and to mentor. With a desire to stay connected with the younger generation, Dorothy teaches communications and is a tutor within a local college.

Professional Expertise and Services

  • Learning and Development
  • Project Management
  • Coaching
  • Change Management
  • Communications
  • Mentoring


  • Masters – Adult Education
  • Certified Project Manager (PMP)
  • Bachelor Degree – Administration
  • Diploma Business Administration – Marketing Management
  • Certified in the HBDI Thinking Preference Instrument