Guillermo Franco

Leadership Coach

Our lives are governed by our mental frames of reference, our thoughts, our perspective on things, our mindset, and ultimately by the meaning that we give to each event. By learning to diligently manage meanings for ourselves and others, we can drive real change.

Business Experience

With a background of over 20 years that encompasses technology, business strategy and human development, Mr. Franco is a consummate management consultant, executive search professional and executive coach that specializes in helping organizations reap the benefits of achieving strategic alignment, by developing their leaders and transforming their cultures.

Mr. Franco is the former Regional Director of the Great Place To Work Institute (the multinational San Francisco based management consulting firm whose Best Companies to Work rankings are published annually on Fortune Magazine and The Globe and Mail) and a Certified Coach with a specialization in Neurolinguistics and Neuro-semantics and an MBA in Organizational Development. He has helped executives of all levels in a range of industries (ie. Banking, Air transportation Services, Energy, Agriculture, Retail, Professional Services, etc.) achieve and exceed desired results — many times in record time.

Professional Expertise and Services

According to Mr. Franco, most of the time, what prevents an individual from reaching an objective has to do with internal factors such as limiting beliefs they hold true (consciously or not) and thought patterns that may form part of their mindset. With the help of neuro-semantics and cognitive psychology based tools, Mr. Franco can significantly accelerate the progress and the results of the coaching process, allowing individuals to rapidly define objectives, design strategies, identify and overcome obstacles, and unleash their potential.


  • Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a focus on Organizational Development – Pontifical Catholic University of Chile
  • Certified Associate Coach by the International Association of Coaching
  • Certified Neuro-linguistics and Neuro-semantics Practitioner by the Society of Neuro-semantics