Our team at Pathfind has vast experience in utilizing a number of assessment tools and practices to drive personnel solutions to our clients. Our commitment to providing the best service ensures that we will work with you to determine the best tools for your needs and fit to your culture.

Harrison Assessment

The Pathfind team is certified in the globally recognized, Harrison Assessment. The Harrison Assessment Talent Management Solutions align people’s qualifications, wants, needs, passions and goals to the requirements of the organization and specific jobs. This innovative approach exceeds general personality testing and other methods because it measures 175 factors, resulting in reports that target job-specific employee engagement, success and retention.

The Harrison Assessment:

  • Automates internal and external talent pools with advanced technology
  • Empowers managers with easy to understand reports
  • Easily customizes for your jobs with our library of over 6500 job success formulas
  • Develops leadership and teamwork
  • Customizes to match your behavioural competencies
  • Features strong validity and legal compliance without adverse impact

Harrison talent life cycle

Personalized Management Coaching

Pathfind is also certified to work with Personalized Management Coaching. PMC is an audit tool and program that can do much more than helping your managers become better coaches; we can help businesses evaluate the effectiveness of their training and coaching programs by measuring against a ‘standard’ that has been scientifically validated to impact employee engagement, development, retention, and succession. This is a highly personalized and structured coaching program tailored to meet your specific needs, working style, and environment.

Personalized management coaching