Create New Opportunities by GETTING ORGANIZED

Organized Desk
It’s a new year and many of us have set new resolutions that we want to incorporate into the year ahead.  Whether you want to improve your health, career, or finances, virtually all your life’s aspirations will benefit from adding “ORGANIZATION” to your resolution list.  In fact, if that’s the ONLY resolution you dedicate your time to and if you do it consistently, every area of your life can be positively impacted.  Embracing and practicing this one habit can have far reaching effects.

“I’m feeling so happy and peaceful in this messy, cluttered room that has piles of stuff all over the place” SAID NO ONE EVER!  Let’s be honest, we all love being in a clean, clutter-free and organized environment.  Whether that place is your home, office, or another area you spend time in.  If the thought of de-cluttering or organizing sounds like drudgery, you might want to see just how significant being organized can be.

You Will Eliminate Stress

Yes!!  Don’t we all want less stress in our lives?  You probably don’t pay much attention to it, but clutter, disorganization and an abundance of meaningless “things” surrounding you in your environment can actually cause your body emotional and mental stress.  This stress takes up energy in your body which can then manifest into fatigue, anger, overwhelm, fear, etc…  When you clean up your environment, energy can flow, and you eliminate this sneaky, silent stressor from invading your everyday. When you eliminate stress, you’ll feel better, have more energy, you become more mentally and emotionally capable of seeing new opportunities that you may not have been able to see before through the clouded lens of stress.

You Will Have Clear Goals

The key word here is “CLEAR”.  Decluttering the mind is something most of us don’t even think about.  Most people don’t get up everyday with a clear picture of what we want to accomplish, the exact tasks we’re going to do, and how doing these tasks are going to move us closer to our ultimate goal.  Most of us are just going through the motions of life as they come at us, with no purposeful intention.  Our minds are completely cluttered with hundreds, even thousands of thoughts with no organization to them at all.  We might have a few goals that stand out, or a couple of things that we may hope or dream for, but keeping them top of mind, or actually achieving them seems like a fantasy that will never happen.  Without organizing your thoughts & goals, those words will just fly around in your head like a snowflake lost in a blizzard.  These thoughts need to be given some dedicated time & attention to be de-cluttered & organized.  When you can get these thoughts organized, your true intentions & desires will shine brightly.  Write each one down.  Decide which ones you want and intend on achieving.  Then you can begin organizing your thoughts around each of them.  Ask yourself these questions for each of your goals and write down your answers:

What is your purpose for wanting to achieve this goal?

What do you see happening in your life if you achieve this goal?

What do you see happening in your life if you do not achieve this goal?

What steps are you willing to take to achieve this goal?

When you get organized and crystal clear about your goals, they become your guiding force so you can work towards living a fulfilling life that drives you forward.  When you have all this clear and organized, you’ll then have the certainty and confidence to seek out and cultivate the opportunities, connections, and people you want & need in your life to reach your goals.

You Will Be More Productive

If only you had more time, right?  Well, the truth is, the time is there, it’s just being sucked up by disorganization! Think of how much time you spend searching for something you know is there, but you just can’t find it.  Or you just go out and buy another (insert item here) because you can’t find it and you need it, only to find it after you finished the project.  Or how you just can’t get into the “creative mindset” you need to be in to complete that project. Or how you always need a deadline extension, or you frequently complete things late.  All of this can be eliminated by getting organized. The clutter and disorganization in your surroundings (home & workplace) and mind can wreak havoc on your productivity.  And how can you create new opportunities for yourself when you’ve spent 20 minutes trying to find your phone?  The saying “a place for everything and everything in it’s place” is a powerful statement that you can use to help you organize your home and work/office spaces.  You’ll save time, money, sanity, you’ll be more creative, you’ll have better and clearer head space to think and solve problems, you’ll get your projects done on time or maybe even earlier.  You’ll be functioning at your best.  Able to produce high quality work, communicate clearly, interact with energy and all the while feeling focused and positive with a renewed sense of optimism and clarity.  All of these positive qualities will propel you forward no matter what industry you’re in or what area of life you want to improve.  You’ll wow potential employers in your next interview. You’ll be a better salesperson. You’ll have more time to start that business you’ve always wanted. Your company will run smoother and more efficient, making you more money. You’ll finally get that promotion, and you’ll have more energy to stick to your new exercise plan.

Countless opportunities will start to reveal themselves once you get organized.  Start with taking control of what is all around you and the opportunities will arise like you never thought possible.

Written by Christine Graham