Interviews and Salary Negotiations

An interview is usually your first meeting with a prospective employer and is your opportunity to convince him that you are the right person for the job. For a successful Learn more >

Networking Tips

Introduction to Networking Employers search for employees in a variety of ways. Traditionally, employers have placed advertisements, visited campuses, staffed job fairs, and conducted searches. These activities require time and Learn more >

It’s the Best Networking Time of the Year!

It’s the Best Networking Time of the Year! Posted November 16, 2017 Many job seekers think that they need to slow down their job seeking through the holidays, because nothing Learn more >

Life of a Business Owner

Empower. Engage. Enable. I feature this message prominently on my LinkedIn profile, and I’m sure visitors to it wonder what this even means. Do I even know what it means? Learn more >

Avoiding job search depression

Getting it right matters more than how long it takes Internalize these 3 truths before starting your search: I will get a job that changes my life. It doesn’t matter Learn more >

How to find your dream job

1.Only apply for jobs that excite you List companies whose products you love List companies you think you’d like to work for List people you know that work for great Learn more >