Outplacement & Career Transition


There comes a time in every organization when evolving needs require the difficult decision of employee termination. This transition is difficult not only for the employee or employees affected but also the releasing manager and the remaining staff. At Pathfind, we ensure that the process is as smooth as possible by working with our clients to develop and implement flexible and customized services to meet the individual’s and the organization’s unique needs.

Our Pathfinders

Pathfind employs some of the most experienced and skilled career coaches in Western Canada. Our coaches supply client-centered career transition services to help to clear the path ahead for transitioning employees — ensuring that their every step is toward success.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Pathfind’s career coaches have the expertise necessary to address the multitude of situations that could arise during the transition to the next step in a person’s career.

Our outplacement services enable you to build a healthy corporate culture and build upon your reputation as an employer of choice. As part of our outplacement services, we provide:

  • One-on-one counselling to support the individual dealing with the news of an unexpected termination as well as ongoing support in dealing with the change
  • State-of-the-art transition technology that allows participants the ability to manage the transition at their own pace
  • Expertise in dealing with the emotional response of a termination, which helps keep workplace disruptions to a minimal
  • A respectful, compassionate and consistent experience designed to provide ex-employees with the best options
  • Manager training for notification meetings
  • Workshops for remaining employees on how to navigate the reorganization

At Pathfind, we’ll ensure that no employee is left behind. Contact us to learn more on how we can aid the employee transitions of your business.

Retirement Coaching

Pathfind offers the innovative program, New Horizons™, to assist individuals looking to retire. Tailored to the individual’s needs, Pathfind accounts for the employee’s interests, values, and long-term goals to ensure they fully enjoy what retirement can offer them.

As proud equity partners of Career Partners International, we offer clients access to the thirty years of experience of the organization and its network of over 70 countries and 270 offices.

With the personal service of local ownership and the expansive resources of an active global network, we can deliver innovative, flexible and practical solutions tailored to your needs.