Life of a Business Owner

Empower. Engage. Enable.

I feature this message prominently on my LinkedIn profile, and I’m sure visitors to it wonder what this even means. Do I even know what it means? That’s a great question. I had pondered this for quite some time, even before I became a business owner.

From the beginning, I always knew I wanted my own business to manage. Not because I wanted something or someone to control, but because I have always had the desire to take care of something bigger than me; to nurture, grow and build into something that encompasses my values and beliefs and serves the community.

I really didn’t know, at the time, what type of business could provide me with that sense of purpose and fulfillment until recently, when Ed and Ann Davies offered the opportunity for me to purchase and take over the company they founded, Davies Turpin and Associates.

It became very apparent that it was the perfect opportunity to take ownership of a company from two people with similar values to mine and then to make it our own (and when I say “our”, it’s because the employees and consultants whom we employ make the company what it is.) It was the perfect opportunity to be involved with something great, and I took it.

One year later, we have made significant headway. We’ve expanded our suite of services to now include outplacement, recruitment, leadership coaching and HR consulting. We have rebranded our company with an exciting new logo and website, and a name “Pathfind” that reflects so well what we do: helping people to navigate their way through new career journeys. And we are doing things differently — every day.

We have one year under our belts. And now, in this new role that I fill — with this new purpose — the words Empower, Engage, Enable are the words I get to see come to life every day.

We empower our candidates and participants to take charge of their career. We engage our clients by providing services in a way that makes us an important part of their business. We enable our community around us by becoming a strategic partner and helping them attain their vision. We are Pathfind, and we are very happy and humble to be a part of this journey for our valued clients, candidates, participants, and friends — it gives, even more, meaning than three words can express.

About the Author

I am Domenic Gallace – most of you in the business community and friends know me as “Dom.” I have a wonderful wife (and sometimes I even think she feels the same about me) and 3 children; Cameron (17), Riley (14) and Emily (7). We have an Australian Shepherd named Cinder who is part of our family too.